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BIFAN’s Industry Program, B.I.G, Wraps Things Up!


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BIFAN’s Industry Program, B.I.G, Wraps Things Up!
Announcing the winners of the NAFF (Network of Asian Fantastic Films) Awards

The 24th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival’s (Festival Director: SHIN Chul, hereafter BIFAN) industry program, B.I.G, wrapped things up for the year on July 15. The NAFF (Network of Asian Fantastic Films) Project market (It Project, Project Spotlight Korea, Work in Progress) announced this year’s winning projects and showed videos of acceptance speeches from the overjoyed winners.

The NAFF awards are categorized into cash awards and post-production support awards. In total, 110 million won in cash and 345 million won in post-production support was awarded this year. 

The seven cash awards consist of the Bucheon Award (grand prize), B.I.G NAFF Award (excellence award), Discovery of Asia Award (Asian newcomer award), Discovery of Korea Award (Korean newcomer award), B.I.G NAFF Korean Award, Fantastic 7 Award, and the DHL Award. 

The Bucheon Award, which awards 20 million won to the winner, went to Marry My Dead Body (Director: CHENG Wei Hao / Taiwan). The film is an enchanting and warm fantasy comedy that makes you think about true love and family through a special incident that occurs in the film.

The B.I.G NAFF Award, Discovery of Asia Award, and the Discovery of Korea Award, which each awards 15 million won to the winner, went to Zsazsa Zaturnnah Vs. The Amazonistas Of Planet X  (The Philippines, France), In My Mother’s Skin (The Philippines), and Seire (Korea), respectively. Zsazsa Zaturnnah Vs. The Amazonistas Of Planet X (Director: Avid LIONGOREN) is a film that delightfully breaks through issues without definitive answers, such as social conventions, gender identity, and social class. In My Mother’s Skin (Director: Kenneth DAGATAN) is a sad and cruel fairy tale about a woman who eagerly awaits the return of her husband, who has gone off to war. Seire (Director: PARK Kang) is a horror film that is chilling for the way it brings together distinctly contrasting situations such as life and death, and it also brings out new fears in that which we are familiar with. 

The B.I.G NAFF Korean Award, which awards 10 million won each to three projects, went to Satanee (Director: SON Seungwoong), Seoul Horror Story (Director: KIM Hyunjin), and My Secret Friend (Director: KIM Eunkyoung). Satanee is an emotional and heartrending horror film that weaves together problems faced by today’s youth with a type of ghost called “satanee,” which comes from a unique shamanistic occult concept. Seoul Horror Story received a review that said: “If it can effectively get across the message it’s trying to deliver to people living in a major city, I think we can look forward to it becoming the Seoul edition of Black Mirror.” My Secret Friend received a review that said: “Instead of the horror that comes from unfamiliar and unseen beings, what strikes me more is the horror that comes from very realistic relationships.”

The DHL Award, which is sponsored by DHL Korea and awards 5 million won to one project, was given to Vengeance is Ours (Director: Jude JUNG). The film tells a cold-blooded revenge-of-the-underdogs story that is both gratifying and heartbreaking.
ㅣ(clockwise from top left) Marry My Dead Body, Zsazsa Zaturnnah Vs. The Amazonistas Of Planet X, Vengeance Is Ours, Sataneeㅣ

The post-production support awards consist of the SBA Awards, C-47 Award, and the Mocha Chai Award. The SBA Awards (worth 300 million won in total) went to three Korean projects: Cafe Hallway Room Ceiling... and The Next Room (Director: YOO Taeha), Go to Kill (Director: PARK Namwon), and Memory (Director: KIM Hyunwoo). SBA Award winners will receive digital intermediate (DI), sound mixing, and digital cinema package (DCP) mastering support. The C-47 Award, which awards DI support, was given to The Vampyre: A New Life (Director: JANG Kunjae).  The Mocha Chai Award, which awards post-production support, such as DI and sound mixing, went to A Burning Worm (Director: WONG Fei Pang/Hong Kong, Taiwan).

Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, B.I.G operated the Fantastic Film School and the NAFF Project Market via online platforms this year. Despite the difficulties faced by the film industry as a result of the pandemic, a total of 1010 meetings were requested for the NAFF Project Market this year, showing that the enthusiasm felt by film industry professionals for the project market is as high as ever.

The NAFF Project Market, which is now in its 13th year, presented a total of 30 projects from 21 countries, which included the 19 official It Project selections and the 11 Project Spotlight Korea selections. The three-member jury of film experts made the final selections for the nine award categories through a strict screening process and individual meetings with the filmmakers.    Winners for the Blood Window Award and Sitges Pitchbox Award - which provide roundtrip airfare, accommodations, and festival IDs to the winners – were not selected, as it is still unclear whether the festivals will be held this year, given the current COVID-19 situation.

On hand to serve as members of the jury this year were KANG Myungchan (CEO of Perfect Storm Film Inc.), KIM Byungin (president of Screenwriters Guild of Korea), and SUH Youngjoo (CEO of Finecut Entertainment). KIM Byungin, who spoke on behalf of the jury, remarked, “Although it seems as if the global film industry has paused for a moment due to COVID-19, we think that the passion felt by creators burns hotter than ever with the desire to make the world a better place. Even though we had to conduct on-tact (online + untact) meetings, which have never been done before, we could feel a sense of fiery passion from the directors and producers of all the projects.” 

The winners of the 13th NAFF Awards are listed below.

Winners of the 13th NAFF Awards
Award Type Award Project Director/Producer Country
Cash Awards Bucheon Award
(KRW 20 million)
Marry My Dead Body CHENG Wei Hao
JIN Pai Lunn
B.I.G NAFF Award
(KRW 15 million)
Zsazsa Zaturnnah Vs. The Amazonistas Of Planet   X Avid LIONGOREN
Franck PRIOT
The Philippines

Discover of Asia Award
(KRW 15 million)
In My Mother’s Skin Kenneth DAGATAN
Bradley LIEW
The Philippines
Discover of Korean Award
(KRW 15 million)

RHEE Yoonjoo
B.I.G NAFF Korean Award
(KRW 10 million)
Satanee SON Seungwoong
KIM Heeyoung
Seoul Horror Story KIM Hyunjin
LEE Cheolmin
My Secret Friend KIM Eunkyoung    
Stanley KWAK
DHL Award
(KRW 5 million)
Vengeance Is Ours Jude JUNG
Jenny KIM
Post-production Support C-47 Award
- DI
The Vampyre: A New Life JANG Kunjae
YOUN Heeyoung
Mocha Chai Award A Burning Worm
WONG Fei Pang
Winnie TSANG 
Hong Kong,
SBA Award
 - DI
 - Sound Mixing
 - DCP
Cafe Hallway Room Ceiling...and The Next Room YOO Taeha,
JO Woojung
Go to Kill PARK Namwon,
NAM Kyunwoo
Memory KIM Hyunwoo,
JUNG Soyoung