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About screening cancellation of < Possessor >


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About screening cancellation of < Possessor >

Hello, my name is Jongsuk Thomas NAM, NAFF Managing Director and BIFAN Programmer in charge of programming English-language films.

On Friday, June 26th, we were notified by Arclight Films, the financier/sakes agent of Brandon Cronenberg’s new film Possessor, that it is withdrawing the film from BIFAN. We were very disappointed with their decision, as the screening was originally secured after going through difficult screening circumstance at freezing Sundance Film Festival this past January, as well as finalizing the 2nd ever festival screening of the film this year, a feat that we were quite proud of.  The film was going to be one of this year’s highlights.

According to Arclight Films, producers and financiers have all decided in unison to delay the release of Possessor until the end of this year, forcing the company to cancel all festival screenings until then, including Toronto International Film Festival, which takes places in his hometown.

All of us at BIFAN are truly saddened about screening cancellation of Possessor, realizing our audiences’ high anticipation towards it.

We sincerely apologize for disappointing you and seek your kind understanding. Thank you.

With warmest regards,
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN)