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Program Event

Mega Talk I

MEGA KAFA RIDE: Secrets & Lies of 3D Film Directing

When : July 17(Fri) Talk follows after 17:00 "Elephant in the Room" screening

Where : CGV Bucheon 8 CGV 부천 8관

Moderator : Han Ji Seung(Director of 'I Saw You')
Panel : Kwon Chil In(Director of 'Second Account'), Kweon Ho Young, Park Swimming(Director of 'Chicken Game'),
 Kim Hyun Woo(Director of 'Man and Wife'), Lim Bo Young((Director of 'Like Soldiers, Like Children')

Filmmakers who participated in the 8th ‘KAFA+ Next D’ 3D projects together for a discussion about making 3D films in different genres. Under the theme of ‘3D,’ panels will share their experience of 3D production, 3D aesthetics and technology. In addition to these lively conversation with 3D feature film 'Elephant in the Room', we offer our audience the chance to see four premieres of ‘KAFA+ Next D’ short films and their first 3D feature film produced last year during the Festival.

* This talk event be delivered in Korean.
Mega Talk Ⅱ

K-indie (Korean Independent) Genre Strikes!

When : July 18(Sat) Talk follows after 13:00 ‘Playboy Bong’ screening

Where : CGV Bucheon 7 CGV 부천 7관

Korean indie genre films have begun to take over the number of Korea film produced. Director of 'Playboy Bong', Bong Man Dae, with filmmakers and actors that represent K-indie genre gather for an intimate conversation about today’s Korean indie genre, and share their know-how to make a low-budget film and a successful outcome.

*This talk event be delivered in Korean.
Mega Talk Ⅲ

Mexico Genre Cinema from A to Z

When : July 19(Sun) Talk follows after 13:00 ‘Honeymoon’ screening

Where : CGV Bucheon 3 CGV 부천 3관

Moderator : Danny Rhee (Programmer of BiFan)
Panel : Diego Cohen (Director of ‘Honeymoon’), Pablo Guisa Koestinger (Director of Morbido Film Festival in Mexico)

Not a lot of people know that 'Pacific Rim', 'Gravity' and 'Birdman' were made by Mexican directors. What is the power of Mexican genre films that placed them at the top of box offices in the world? Director Diego Cohen of 'Honeymoon' and Pablo Guisa Koestinger from Morbido Film Festival meet together to talk about today’s Mexican genre films.

*This event will be delivered in Korean and English.
Midnight Talk

Sci-Fi Movie

When : July 18(Sat) 24:00

Where : Bucheon City Hall 부천시청 어울마당

Panel : Kim Jong Chul(Chief Editor of Extreme Movie), Yim Pil Sung(Director)

In celebration of publishing the Festival’s second genre series book ‘Sci-Fi Movie,’ Extreme Movie‘s Kim Jong Chul and Director Yim Pil Sung together for not-too-serious conversation about Sci-Fi genre for moviegoers. As a big fan of the genre, Kim and Yim will talk about their love for Sci-Fi movies and ‘Mad Max’ series for the midnight screening in which Mad Max 2 will screen after talk.

*This event will be delivered in Korean.

Gala Night

When : July 17(Fri) ~ 20(Mon) / 22(Wed) ~ 23(Thu)

Where : Bucheon City Hall, 1F 부천시청 로비

Get a chance to meet the stars up-close!
  Red carpet event will be held in Bucheon City Hall During the festival.

July 17(Fri) 19:40
Two Thumbs Up
Actor Simon YAM
Director LAU Ho Leung

July 18(Sat) 20:10
Boy from Wonderland
Actor HONG Jong Hyun, JUNG So Min, JUNG Yeon Ju
Director HUH Eun Hee

July 19(Sun) 20:10
Actor SONG Il Gook, YOON Joo Hee, SEO Young
Director LEE Seo

July 20(Mon) 19:40
Actor HONG Soo A, YIM Sung Eon, YANG Myung Hun, KIM Ha You, Jo Han Sun
Director KIM Yong Woon

July 22(Wed) 19:40
Actor JUNG Gyeong Ho, JUNG Yun Sun
Director HAN Cheol Soo

July 23(Thu) 19:40
Samurai Cat 2
Actor KITAMURA Kazuki