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BiFan Lady & Guy

BiFan Lady – OH Yeon Seo

BiFan Lady
오연서 Actress OH Yeon Seo has built her acting career in cinema and TV drama like A Blood Pledge (2009), Just Friends (2010), My Husband Got a Family (2012), Here Comes Mr. Oh (2012), and Medical Top Team (2013). OH got public attention as next generation horror queen in A Blood Pledge, the fifth film of Korean horror film series, Whispering Corridors. Especially, She was loved by the audience for her role, Jang Bo Ri in the drama, Jang Bo Ri is Here! (2014) last year. Her acting skills were acknowledged as winning of Top Excellence Award in 2014 MBC Drama Awards. Recently, she gave off her charm as Shin Yool, Balhae princess in drama Shine or Go Crazy (2015).

BiFan Guy – GWON Yool

BiFan Guy
권율 Actor GWON Yool made his debut in 2007 with SBS TV drama Mackerel Run, and continued to expand his filmography with films such as The Moonlight of Seoul (2008) and My Dear Desperado (2010). He left a memorable impression in KIM Ki Duk’s Pieta (2012), and secured his reputation as an upcoming talent with his role as YI Hoe, the son of the legendary Korean hero, Admiral YI Sun Sin in Roaring Currents, The Road of the Admiral (2014). He has also been active in TV, displaying solid performances with lead roles in tvN’s She Is Wow (2013) and KBS2’s Angel’s Revenge (2014). He recently captured the hearts of many women and joined the list of popular ‘romantic drama kings’ by playing a man with unpredictable charm in tvN’s Let’s Eat 2 (2015).

BiFan Lady&Guy will be taking part in various events and stage appearances in their endeavor to meet with the audience and enjoy the festival while promoting BiFan both locally and internationally.